A support and social community for neurodivergent folks for us to share our lives, our work, our thoughts, and being together.

We are a community of neurodivergent folks of all kinds. Community members and our mods are here to create a flourishing community for neurodivergent folks and especially for BIPOC neurodivergent folks.


Describe images you post.
Please give context to links, as in more than “Wow! link
Don’t expect people to realise or know things that you think are obvious
Act in good faith
Expect that others are acting in good faith

Safety and Security of our Community

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for our community members. In aid of fostering strong community bonds, we recognize how historical and modern day power structures affect people’s lives.

We will not tolerate bigotry, hegemonic violence, hate groups, or fascism, free speech absolutism, nor related symbols or apologia or “jokes”.

Content Warnings

Add content warnings to the end of your thread’s title as appropriate. It’s ok if you’re not sure what if any cw need to be added. If someone asks you to add a particular content warning, be open to that.

Example 1:
this horror movie title here was hot garbage cw: mention of gore, homophobia

Example 2:
Portraits I done took cw: eye contact

BIPOC do not have to content warn for discussions of racism and related subjects if they don’t want to. White-privileged people do have to content warn for discussions of racism and related subjects.

Stay in Your Lane

Intersectionality is very important for us to understand and practice, so as not to talk over each other. We all must respect the lived experience of others.

If you’re a white-privileged person, it’s not for you to decide how a BIPOC should conduct themselves.
If you’re not actually autistic, even though you’re neurodivergent and may even be the parent of an autistic child, it’s not ok to talk over actual autistic experiences.

Should you be talked over, you can reply to the person explaining or you can contact us via @moderators, explaining the situation to us. If at all possible, assume good faith on the person’s part, at least initially. If things get out of hand to any level you’re not comfortable with, please send a message to us via @moderators or flag the post.

If you talk over someone, they (or others) or mods will explain to you. Please be open to hearing others, so our community and yourself can grow in strength. Defensiveness here will earn you a silence and little else.


We need your help for our moderators to be community facilitators. Don’t be afraid of fucking up. We want you here! We will all work together to make this a warm and caring environment. We rely on community support and mediation to resolve any issues/conflicts.

You can flag posts and threads. You can make a thread in Site Governance. If there’s a critical or urgent issue that can’t be handled via a topic or flag, contact us via @moderators. (Click the “Message” button on that page.) Don’t ever feel like you need to back-seat mod! We’re here for you; please contact us for anything you need or want to.

In order to maintain our community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time. Moderators do not preview new posts.

About This Document

This Code of Conduct is a work in progress! We will post in the #governance what exact changes are made if/when there is an update.

Code of Conduct Inspiration

This Code of Conduct was researched before writing, with inspiration or guidance taken from the following:
(in no particular order)

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